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  • I had the great pleasure of having an outstanding customer service experience from your employee Kevin Thweatt. He was very professional and helpful. He diagnosed the issue and handled in a very polite manner. Even though the problem was user error on our part he cleaned the glass and added some embers to the coals and tested the fireplace to make sure it was all operational. I enjoyed meeting Kevin and hope that you are aware that you have a quality employee in him.

    While we certainly hope we don’t need your services again we will tell others about you and Kevin. We will definitely call again and specifically ask for Kevin.

    Anna Stewart Cleaver
    3725 NW 64 Street
    OKC 73116

  • The purpose of my contact is two-fold. First, I would like to thank you for the service you provided for my mother-in-law, Barbara Hardman. I had contacted you by email initially to obtain information and eventually, when Barbie was ready, by phone to set up an appointment with a technician. She now has the remote feature for her gas logs and is very pleased. Another fireplace store had told her it could not be done! Thank you for your expertise and helpful staff.
    The second reason for my contact is a concern about my own fireplace. Our home has a ventless system. It has performed well for us until yesterday. Yesterday, it did not start up a couple times when we flipped the wall switch and a time or two, it went out after being lit. We currently are taking the precaution of NOT leaving it on if we nap or leave the room for longer than 5 minutes or so. This morning, it came right on and is blazing away.
    So…. I would appreciate your thoughts or concerns about this situation. I am wondering if these ventless systems need any type of periodic maintenance. We purchased the home new in September, 2012, so the system has been in use for 3 years. At the moment, I am unable to provide information on the brand and model, as I can not locate the fireplace manual. I do believe we have that information somewhere!
    Thank you, Nancy Hardman

  • My builder contacted you yesterday about a see through stainless steel fireplace (propane) and a stainless steel outdoor (wood) fireplace. Can you send me something with information and prices? Your website only shows pictures with no names or details.

  • Brian, I met you at the Edmond Arts Festival, we talked about making fireplace tools. I looked at the Ironhause website they did not have any prices , what I plan on doing is making a wall mounted set of fireplace tools and see what it will cost me then i will get in touch with you and show you them and then we can discuss prices . Thanks, Mark Carter MCIRON

  • I would like to have my fireplace redone, still have the gold swords on it, uggghh! I would like to set up a time for someone to come out & give me an estimate.

  • We have a house that is one year old. It has a ventless fireplace that we could like to have remodeled. Do you do this and what steps would we need to take to get an estimate. We live in Edmond.

  • I would like someone to come out and provide us with a quote on re-installing a gas/ventless fireplace system. We currently have one, but it doesn’t seem to be working properly and I would like to have a new system installed. Please contact me to schedule time for a visit to our home. You can reach me via cell at 714-812-3650 or via email above.

    Thank you.

  • I am interested in building a new Rumford style fireplace in a rural new construction home in eastern Seminole County. Can you assist?

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